Everywhere in your Studio

Taking full advantage of the iPad revolutionary features, DAW Remote brings you a portable control surface with full functions. Now you have full control to your DAW everywhere in your studio.

Stay with your Inspiration

Just bring the portable iPad and stay with your instrument.

You can now concentrate on your inspiration and record yourself smoothly. No need to move between instrument and computer to manage your recording.

Easy access to the DAW

If you didn't have a control surface before, DAW Remote HD should be the best choice as your first one. Embedded into the iPad, DAW Remote is inexpensive but professional. It helps you control the DAW remotely and wirelessly, so you can have a far more smooth workflow and concentrate on composing.

Compatibility Maximum

DAW Remote employs Mackie Control and HUI Protocol which support most of the DAWs. We provide optimized layouts for more than 10 DAWs, and we are creating more DAWs.

Build your own Control Surface

Many love customizing, and so do we! Maybe you don't like so many buttons on the screen, maybe you want some bigger buttons or timecode, or maybe you want to change the label and color on the buttons. Making a layout fit yourself most is easy and fast with DAW Remote HD.


Mixing on your Sofa

Traditional Control surface looks great indeed, but you are stuck there when mixing, aren't you? With DAW Remote you can relax on the sofa and mix there with your iPad!