What is String Tuner

String Tuner is the first chromatic tuner that is especially designed and optimized for string instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double bass.

A reference sound generator is provided to help you do coarse tuning. Moreover, with the optimized algorithms up to ±0.1cent precise , it helps you to do fine tuning quickly with the built-in or external microphone on your iOS devices.

It's Accurate

String Tuner uses a highly accurate algorithm (up to ±0.1cent) to make sure your string sound is more accurate than ever, even with only using the iPhone inner-microphone.

It's Professional!

String Tuner supports 3 temperaments: 12TET (twelve-tone equal temperament), Pythagorean Temperament and Pure (or Just) Intonation.

It also supports adjustable calibration A4.

It's Universal

You don't need purchase iPhone and iPad separately. String Tuner a is universal APP. It works on all of your iOS devices.

Intelligent Learning Mode

Wanna play with piano whose A4 frequency is unknown? String Tuner can detect it for you! Just hit the A4 key of the piano and String Tuner will take care of the rest.

Tone Generator Mode

Are you a classical string player? Want to tune your string instruments just by ear? No problem. String Tuner provides 4 useful tones for your reference, including Triangle, Sine, Square waveform + REAL String Sound.

Features List

  • User-friendly. Extremely easy to use
  • Universal APP. Purchase once, available on all of your iPhone/iPod/iPad/iPad Mini.
  • 30 cent range fine tuning display.
  • Precise up to ±1/1000 semitone (±0.1 cent)
  • 3 Temperaments provided: 12TET, Pure (Standard Just Intonation) and Pythagorean Tuning.
  • Adjustable A4 calibration up to 0.1 Hz precise with the range 400-480
  • Tone generator helps to do coarse tuning or practice tune by ear (Intonation Practice).
  • 4 Tones are supported: Triangle, Sine, Square waveform and REAL String Sound.
  • Support and optimized for Violin, Viola, Cello and Contra Bass
  • Tuning Range from A0 - C8 (full range)