Pro Metronome

a music teacher's swiss-army knife

Pro Metronome has helped over
3 million musicians keep in time.

It's used in 100s of classrooms around
the world every day, from conservato-
ries to one-on-one lessons.

Pro Metronome has all
the features of a standard metronome

But when it comes to music education, it's invaluable. Use
it to help teach your students:

  • Basic time signatures
  • Odd time signatures
  • Dotted notes, triplets and more
  • Polyrhythms
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Pro Metronome
help your lessons stand out

Use the app with your iPad's flash to keep the
whole class in sync. Beam the video and audio to
a projector or speakers with AirPlay. You can even
use the counting voice to keep time for you!

The Rhythm Trainer helps
strengthening the mind's metronome

It works by playing a single bar, then muting the next one – it's a great way to im-
prove a student's sense of steady timekeeping. Increase mute intervals as they
improve, helping further train their abilities –
no other app has this feature.

See how it works

Pro Metronome
for Education

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